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UPDATE 4/3/14: CarFax mileage issue has now been resolved! Look below for the updated CarFax report.

VIN: WBSPM93549E201567

This car is a BMW enthusiast's dream.
  • 414HP N.A. V8 engine
  • 8,300 RPM redline
  • Manual transmission
  • Interlagos Blue
  • M3 Sedan
  • Low Miles (37,200)
  • Clean CarFax

The person who buys this car probably won't need to know anything else.

However, if you'd like more details:

The car is in fantastic condition.  With the exception of the first pic in the sunshine, all of the pictures in the photo album were taken on March 25-26, 2014.  It was raining on those days, so I added a prior pic taken in the sun to show the color.

This car has been garaged at home or a private garage at LAX airport in sunny Southern California ever since I bought it in 2009. 

My family and I moved to San Francisco at the beginning of this year.  Living in the city, we barely need 1 car, and definitely not 2 cars.  Unfortunately, my wife's SUV won, and my beloved M3 is being voted off the island.  I picked every option on this car, and picked it up from the factory in Munich, Germany with 0.0 miles.  I thought I'd be keeping this car for at least 10 years (and it was my dream car), so I took care of it like it was my child.
  • Make: BMW
  • Model: M3
  • Body Type: Sedan
  • Mileage: 37,200 miles
  • Engine Model: S65
  • Engine Type: V8
  • Horsepower: 414HP
  • Torque: 295 lb-ft
  • Exterior Color: Interlagos Blue Metallic
  • Interior Color: Black Leather
  • Interior Trim: Aluminum
  • Wheels: Forged lightweight 19" wheels
  • Hill Assist: I wouldn't mention this anywhere else, but this is HUGE in San Francisco.  It prevents your car from rolling downhill when starting from a stop, even with a manual transmission.  It takes away half the challenge of driving in this town!
  • Options:
    • Premium Package (MSRP $2,000) 
      • Power folding mirrors
      • Universal Garage door opener (3 doors)
      • Digital Compass Mirror
      • Blue-Gray Brushed Aluminum Trim
      • Black Novillo Leather
      • BMW Assist
    • Technology Package (MSRP $3,250)
      • Electronic Damping Control - fantastic option, changes ride from comfortable to firm at the press of a button; Also automatically adapts to road & driving conditions
      • M Drive - Change traction control, steering firmness, throttle response and more at the press of a button on the steering wheel
      • Comfort Access system (keyless entry & ignition; never take the key out of your pocket or bag)
      • Navigation System (has the upgraded system that was not available when the M3 arrived in 2008)
      • Voice Activation - all system menus and dialing
      • HD Radio
      • Real Time Traffic Information
    • Cold Weather Package (MSRP $1,000)
      • Fold down rear seats
      • Heated front seats
      • Retractable headlight washers
    • Enhanced Premium Sound (MSRP $1,900)
      • 16 upgraded speakers
      • 825 Watts
    • Rear Park Distance Control (Front not available - MSRP $350)
    • Moonroof (MSRP $1,050)
    • iPod & USB Adapter (MSRP $400)
    • 19" Wheels with Performance Tires (MSRP $1200)
    • Metallic Paint (MSRP $550)  

Original MSRP, including options, destination and gas guzzler tax: $64,835

Download: CarFax Report (Note there is 1 item missing, but disclosed below)

I know this is the type of car that will appeal to potential buyers across the country, some of whom may want to buy without seeing it. 

  1. I don't want to deal with any post-sale hassles with a buyer who feels cheated
  2. It's very possible that the buyer may be a friend, or friend of a friend
  3. It's the right thing to do,
I'm trying to provide as much information as possible to potential buyers.  I searched for one of the best local independent BMW mechanics and found Phaedrus BMW.  I paid them $140 on March 25th, 2014 to perform a Pre-purchase inspection on my car, which you can download using the link above.

To the best of my knowledge, here is a list of any reason why you wouldn't want to buy my car:
  1. This is NOT on the CarFax report. In March 2011, I was stopped in my car in a residential neighborhood.  A guy playing with his phone while driving a Lexus LS slowly dragged the side of his car against the left front corner of my car, causing cosmetic damage to the left front fender, left headlight and left front bumper.  To repair it, I bypassed several closer BMW repair shops to have it fixed at a BMW Factory Certified Collision Center more than 1.5 hours away.  When his insurance company tried to be cheap and have the shop install a used headlight, I paid the difference out of my pocket to purchase a new one instead.  The car is cosmetically perfect, and no mechanical damage was done, but I know every detail matters to enthusiasts.
  2. CarFax report is wrong.  It shows a mileage inconsistency on 10/8/2012.  The shop that I regularly use wrote 31,734 onto a piece of paper when getting my mileage, but someone at the shop read it as 81,734 and entered into their system.  I didn't think it mattered at the time, but now it's on CarFax.  The same shop corrected it later, but it hasn't shown up yet.  I'm still fighting with CarFax to correct it, but don't know how long it will take.  FIXED!
  3. All 4 wheels have slight curb damage.  No dents or cracks.  High resolution photos of each wheel are available in the photo album above.
  4. Items found during Pre-purchase Inspection:
    1. Windshield washer motor runs, but sprays are clogged (I'll try to fix if I have time soon).
    2. Washer sprays are slightly out of adjustment (FIXED).
    3. E-brake loose (FIXED)
    4. O-ring on steering column has a small leak.  Phaedrus said it was minor and not an issue at this time.
    5. Out of 4 trials, 1 of the tests showed the thermostat stayed open.  It's not throwing a error light on dashboard yet.  However, Phaedrus said it is a common problem, and will eventually throw an error code and will need to be replaced.
  5. Tint is 35% on all windows except the front windshield. Technically, front side windows are not allowed to have tint in California.

To ensure my car doesn't get abused by joy riders and is in excellent condition for the person who actually buys my car, Test Drives will be given ONLY to serious buyers with a cashier's check in hand and ready to sign a purchase agreement.

Shipping: I am willing to assist in shipping the vehicle. 


Please call Ruban at 360-HI-RUBAN (360-447-8226) or email


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